New York Mobile Integrated Healthcare Association (NYMIHA)

NYMIHA is a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations seeking to promote Community Paramedicine and innovations in EMS.


To improve the care provided to the people of New York by empowering New York’s EMS providers to play alarger, more integrated role within our healthcare system.


To foster collaboration among advocates and practitioners of community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare in the State of New York and by advancing new models of out-of-hospital care, including elements to (1) make EMS more adaptive to changes in the healthcare system, (2) align EMS with the continuum of healthcare providers and resources, and (3) integrate EMS into the public health infrastructure.


Originally formed in 2011 as the New York City Community Paramedicine TaskForce, we quickly grew by popular demand to be a statewide association comprised of multiple committees and subcommittees.  We were incorporated in 2014, and a 9 member board was created.  The organization has been at the forefront of spreading awareness among leaders in EMS and with elected representatives of the potential benefits of community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare to improve the care provided to all New Yorkers.  We were a contributing party to the federally funded “Promoting Innovation in EMS” project which began in 2014 and will soon release its final document alongside the EMS Agenda 2050 document.  In 2019, we plan to host our first major conference in partnership with Mount Sinai Health System.